All of these songs i have recorded with my mini-studio setup.  There is a brief description next to each song to explain its origin, development, etc.  Please feel free to download this music for yourself to listen to. If you distribute it, i would appreciate you identifying the source. All files are in mp3 format.

On This Day Taken from the Catholic "Liturgy of the Hours" (Sunday vespers of weeks 1 & 3  in ordinary time).  A friend of mine wrote the music.  I just arranged and recorded it.  This is one of my earliest attempts at layered recorded using the simple software and inputs on my computer.
Jesus Prayer  The Jesus Prayer is an ancient prayer used mostly in the Eastern Orthodox Church.  This is a very simply setting - guitar and my vocals overdubbed numerous times.
I Can See I wrote this song many years ago and decided to try arranging it and recording it.  I solicited the help of an excellent musician, my brother, John, to help with some of the arranging.  The song itself is, basically, a testimony of what Jesus has done in my life.
Humility This is one of those tunes that just came to me one day as I was playing my guitar.  It went together very quickly.  This is an instrumental piece - two guitars, both me.
Meditation This is another one that came quickly and another instrumental piece.  I started it on guitar but moved to piano and two flutes.  This is the first one in which all the instrumentation and performance is done with Finale.
Now Fades All Earthly Splendor This, too, is taken from the Catholic "Liturgy of the Hours" (Tuesday vespers of week 3 in ordinary time).  I love the text.  I intentionally wrote this in a hymn style for congregational singing.  The instrumentation is all from a Yamaha PSR-295 with Finale software.  I'd like to do more instruments and some vocal harmonies some time in the future.
Lord Jesus Christ, Abide With Us Yet another one from LotH. (This recording seems a bit "dark." The piano is done completely in Finale and should probably be done differently.) 
All About You This is a completely original piece i wrote early in 2009 to go along with a sermon theme essentially asking, "What are you all about?" Since i first wrote the piece i changed the ending a bit and the arrangement, as it is here, is incomplete. I decided to go ahead and make it available anyway and, at some point in the future, finish the arrangement.